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  1. error message

    Building Package ultimate-edition-Desktop/-core-files.deb: dpkg-deb: error: parsing file ‘ultimate-edition-Desktop/-core-files/DEBIAN/control’ near line 1:
    invalid package name (character `/’ not allowed (only letters, digits and characters `-+._’))
    ERROR: Fatal
    ERROR: Failure building core files for Ultimate Edition Desktop/.

    • What version are you running? It is best to build out of your homefolder/wip/ for example, not on your desktop.

  2. Hi TheeMahn,
    I have tried building trusty in wip/ folder and get the same error message as Raymond Smith.
    Please help if you can. You can also reply on your forum.

    Thank You for all that you do.
    Wish you and family the best of health.


  3. Hi. It keeps saying this.

    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of ultimate-edition-4.4-lite-core-files:
    ultimate-edition-4.4-lite-core-files depends on libglib2.0-bin; however:
    Package libglib2.0-bin is not installed.
    ultimate-edition-4.4-lite-core-files depends on gconf2; however:
    Package gconf2 is not installed.
    ultimate-edition-4.4-lite-core-files depends on dconf-cli; however:
    Package dconf-cli is not installed.

    Although no problem with dependecy tree and these three packages installed, I couldn’t make it work. Thank you.

  4. I have seen several errors toward the newer versions because he is curently writing the software for them.. to have a sucsessfull build try building 4.3
    it will be KDE Unless you add MATE or XFCE and such….after the iso with one space

    • Before you build you need to go into terminal ls it should have wip in list and if so rm -R wip That will take a min so be patient after you see $ its done then make a new folder in the same or differant diretory… then you can proceed with new build or you can just make a new dir cd to it cd wip2 or what ever you named it build from there….

  5. You need to download the newest keysnatcher 1.0.6 and install it also install the newest tmosb after that sudo apt-get update CD to the build directory wip or what you named it type in su and pass the run keysnatcher –snatch then it will snatch the missing keys you need after its done type in keysnatcher -f and it will fix errors then sudo apt-get update after that you can build when its done

  6. Hi,

    I tried tsmob from UE 4.4 32 bits (gamers edition). I could only generate with no problem the UE 4.2.1 x86 lite.iso

    Afterward, I never could generate any other one even trying a tsmob -C or creating new wipX folders.
    The process goes up to the CD extract.tar.gz with the green progress bar then it offers to test the iso. Of course, there is only the UE cd menu and nothing is launched… which is a bit too lite 😉

    On another computer (laptop) with the same UE installed, trying tsmob juste sends back a message saying it does not exist ???

    HELP !!! 🙂

    I am convinced by the greatness of the tool. But I feel a bit confused about many things 🙂
    Would you please enrich a bit that page about your meta-builder ? 🙂

  7. Rite now there are a few bugs being worked out on the main site wich is what the OS’s are built from Try again after he post a new update now he is resting and spending time with his family…

    Have a happy Holiday… If you have more questions you can reach me on the UE forums or via my email or on facebook……

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